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  • My cameras have now been installed for 9 months and the improvements in my organization have definitely been worthwhile. My food has improved over half a percent, my customer complaints are minimal and my employees feel safer just knowing they are there. The positive reinforcement given to the managers and crew have improved the overall attitude in the restaurants and reduced the turnover. All three of my restaurants have improved and there is no other common denominator. All in all, the investment is a good one and I would definitely do it again.

  • Our CCTV system was installed in our restaurant nearly three years ago, and we feel it was a good investment for us. Since we installed the cameras, we have noticed a continual reduction in employee theft, but we realize the system works if we watch it and use it. Because the employees know they are being watched, they do not “goof” off as much. In the restaurant business, customer service is very important and with our cameras, we can watch how our customers are treated. Installing cameras in our business has been a good decision and Security and Surveillance is available for service when needed.

  • At first, I was skeptical of how well the system would work. I credit the system with the increased productivity of my employees. My employees are more friendly and helpful to the customers because they know I am watching and expect them to act appropriately. One employee quit for no reason. I believe that she must have been stealing and knew that I would catch her. This technology is the best thing that has happened for my business in twenty years. I feel a sense of control like never before. I could not be more pleased and would recommend the system to anyone who has employees.

  • It’s only been a few months since Security and Surveillance installed the CCTV system in my body shop, however I have already noticed a change in my employees. They seem to work harder now and my customer service has improved. I have peace of mind now when I do take a day off or have to be absent from the shop. The cameras act as my eyes and ears wile I am out, I come back and check the tape to see if there were any unusual situations. The cameras also act as a security system, deterring vandalism and break ins. Internal theft has subsided, tools and parts have stopped disappearing resulting in lower inventory cost. CCTV is an asset in my shop, it would be in any business! Thank you Security and Surveillance for your service.

  • It is wonderful to go home at night knowing the pizza shop is being monitored. To be able to watch my employees at work when I’m not there; for the first time in years I’m able to spend more time at home and less worrying. Thank You.

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